Friday, November 12, 2010

Hook Me Up

This is not your grandmother's hooked rug...

The rugs above are some of the amazing designs found at DashandAlbert

There is not much information on the birth of the hooked rug. Some believe that the Vikings were the first to make them. Others believe it was started by factory workers in Yorkshire , England bringing home and utilizing scrap wool strips. 


Rug hooking has been popular in the U.S. for 200 years, reaching a peak popularity in the early 1900's, mostly on the Eastern Seaboard. 


Unlike the homespun designs of yesteryear, many of today's patterns are high-tech and digitally done, enabling precise custom orders...


Hooked rugs are great for creating warmth in any type of decor...

I love this upholstered bed frame...

Sections of rugs make beautiful pillows and frame well....

Many smaller size rugs can be easily cleaned in your own washing machine.


Flutter has some of my favorite bold designs right now...

Striking, yes, but a style and feel that even a grandmother would love...


  1. Can you believe I was all over L.A. today looking for a good blue velvet. Too shiny or to much mohair, just give me a old fashioned blue velvet, please. This post on the subject of hook rugs was inspirational, beautiful, and darn right perfect. Girl, when you get going you do get going. Keep up the reporting, I always learn something new.

  2. love the redspruce-and the other great sources-some familiar some not so. I do love the look of these mixed in more modern rooms- I will be back.pgt

  3. Wow Kathy I really love so many, especially the Flutter designs!

    Art by Karena

  4. What a fantastic round up of gorgeous hooked rugs...hard to pick a favorite b/c there are so many that I love!


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