Sunday, April 24, 2011

Roger Would Live Here


No, not here....

This is John Travolta's Florida pad. I stumbled upon this picture while researching a project. It brought to mind my "girlhood" crush, Roger. I adored him.

So I started thinking about what his place might look like now.

It would be modern...

...with plenty of room for this ex-navy seal / intelligence officer's toys...

Roger is a true renaissance man.

Employed by a government intelligence agency, Roger is a bodyguard and tutor for the agency's top research scientist and his two sons.

He has traveled and lived all over the world, but currently lives with the doctor and his two sons at their research facility in central Mexico.

Actually, this is where you'll find my first infatuation on any given evening...

...home to a man's man and the fantasy of many a young girl...

                                                             Roger "Race" Bannon

Isn't he a dream-boat?

...k...  ;)


  1. Ah you made me smile...welcome back!

  2. Hello Kathy:
    You have assembled together a wonderful collection of images in support of this fantasy. Would that our dreams would come true! But then it might all be a little too much to live up to.

  3. okay....
    yes, you have a crush.
    i have a crush on the 1970's mercedes in the carport.


  4. Luv luv this wonderful creative post!! I ADORED Johnny Quest! What fun - and of course I'm absolutely LOVING all the family images you've selected for Roger, or should I say 'Race'!!

  5. Hi Kathy Im a bore on this afraid I didnt know him ! but iTs GREAT to have a fantasy I AGREE enjoy . I loved the grey bathroom with that fabulous bath Great place to day dream Fay xxx dint laugh ! i was more a Hop along cassidy sort of child waiting for him to whisk me away on silver !!

  6. Oh, THAT Roger. He's a guy with great taste.

    I haven't thought of Johnny Quest in years.

    Glad you're back.

  7. you amaze me, Kathy, and your post made me smile :-) wonderful post!

  8. Roger that... I like everything about this post. Glad you found my blog so I could find yours. Great imagination.


  9. Cool pad. I love the mix, and the lab is necessary for a man (or woman) who has it all. I'm not sure about the circular does a couple chose sides?

  10. I truly want the circular bed, the vintage red Mercedes, that amazing house with the terraces and the pool set in a verdantly green rectangle, that greedy so far???

    Kathy I LOVED this post, you are on a roll girl! Now, back to drool over these images again...

  11. Love love love this post! Type of lifestyle I would like to lead. Secret confession here, I too had a crush on Roger.

  12. Fabulous house! So cool and sexy! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  13. I wonder what it would be like to encounter our "fantasy" my case he would most likely find me quite provencal..."cookies anyone?"
    "oh, I was supposed to offer martini's.."
    I have no manners...
    loved your post...


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