Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fecund Fern

                                                                                          Fern Tree Walk, Jamaica






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  1. simply WOW, in praise of the fern! I have to add on the tacky side-the fake ones can be embedded with the real to boost them up! pgt

  2. Kathy, as a child I was completely obsessed with ferns. Like any normal 10 year old! Right! Anyway, I collected books on them, images of them, and of course would tuck any fern I could find into my parent's garden. I even requested a fern house for my 11th birthday!

    So I have been in complete memory drive with these incredible and thoughtful post. And it is wonderful to see this much maligned genre of plants creeping back into floral and garden design. They are the most architectural of plants - and their ancient lineage further adds to their mysterious quiet beauty.

    Thanks for this delightful collection! Virginia x

  3. I love all types of ferns! They are immediately cooling to look at. Funny thing is I only had fiddleheads for dinner a couple of nights ago. Not only do they look good but are tasty as well!

  4. Adore this post...so pretty!! Love kimberly queen ferns. They seem to be the only ones I can keep alive.

  5. Ferns are one of our favorite plants. We keep them indoors year round; however, have to rotate out periodically because we often kill them. We both have a couple of macho ferns on the porch that we have managed to keep for several years. They are huge and quite difficult to bring in during the winter. Our husbands love to lug them in and out in the winter time. LOL Lovely post! So glad to have found your blog, thanks for stopping by and commenting today. XO Angela and Renee

  6. You have one of the coolest blogs around. The picture of the twins beds with the fern wall paper stopped me in my tracks.

  7. SO glad to hear from you, Kathy! love all types of fern. fantastic post

    BIG hugs

  8. I love LOOOOVE fern soooo much! have a happy day today!

  9. It's so funny that you posted about ferns. I'm into them again. Great minds think alike and is that a tv I see on your back porch? I hope so, I love watching tv outside, really!

  10. i looooove the ring!!!! fantastic selection!!! thanks for stopping by...
    love your so cute dogs too..

  11. BEAUTIFUL!! Love this leafy verdant post!! Especially adore that wallpaper with the measuring tape on the left!!

  12. kathy

    you are so good at this.

    it amazes me when i run across someone
    who doesn't like 'FERN' ----huh ??????

    i love it.
    it can be so incredibly elegant when either planted, potted, or displayed in just the right way.

    and the sofa fabric....OMG
    i had to roll my tongue back up into my head.

  13. HiKathy tahnkyou for youtr lovely comment Im now back from my Uk tour and all unpacked ! WOW your fern post is really beautiful they ARE magical arent they I remenber as a child those curly whirly ones and being fascinated by them and so MANY applications 1 ove the 2nd 3rd and 4th they are exquisite Love fay xx

  14. hey, ms. k -- been too long since i visited your place over here. thought i had commented on this before, but just in case, you really have some amazing images here in this post. as always, i am so impressed with your research skills. your clients must be so appreciative. take care! ;)


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