Monday, February 20, 2012


This charming chest is an "upscaled" rendition of this.....

$69 IKEA 3 drawer "Malm" chest.

A month ago I sent out a "heads up" to some of my followers concerning the release of the latest issue of  House of Fifty magazine online.

I recently found the time to check it out. It's a great issue. One of the articles I enjoyed the most (pg.66) was a piece on business partners, Danika Herrick and Cheryle Rhuda, co-founders of O'Verlays. 
After using vintage fretwork panels on a piece for a client, the two were so impressed with the outcome that they decided to pursue a venture manufacturing their own fretwork designs. 

With their online store, O'verlays, offers many patterns, varying thicknesses, and panels available in sizes of up to 4 by 8 feet. They offer custom designs as well. 

I particularly love the idea of using this product to affordably update an older home.


Pattern, Gracie:


These 60's / 70's sliding closet doors look amazing.

We've all seen some version of this heavy pine bed. O'verlays takes it to a new level.

I'm the first one to say that I think that some of this trend can be "o'verdone". That being said, with a little imagination, a little O'verlays goes a long way.



  1. What a great idea - seriously could turn a drab piece of furniture into something fab! I can't wait to check out the site.

  2. Hey Miss Thing, Thank you for the info. What a great source. My bathroom door could use a little sprucing up.

    1. Tables all designs and creations are look so beautiful.I really like this cupboards style in the decorations..



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