Sunday, April 1, 2012

Holy Toledo!

Is it me, or should Restoration Hardware's homage to the classic Toledo chair be given an "X" rating?

Compared to the original....

Restoration's version is definitely more........virile.

Now before I start getting all sorts of feedback about the equipment, I do understand that it is needed to perform a necessary function. And with the help of modern science, it's been made much easier to raise  than it's predecessor.

For the more adventurous of you......

......a threesome!

All kidding aside, the Restoration Toledo chair is a great buy. Not only is it good looking, but when you walk into the room, it will always be happy to see you!



  1. i totally love the chair-
    even the new one.


  2. omg!!!! now you've done it... I will NEVER be able to look at that chair the same again:):) !


  3. Well, you can buy them from me at a fraction of RH's price.
    Best, '

    1. i would love to buy one off of you, i am looking for one like these. email me at and we could set something up thanks!

  4. OMG. This ranks up there with the first time you hear of the cheap Box Store ceiling lights being called Nipple Lights. You call them that from then on.

  5. Indeed!
    You made me laugh...a stool with an adjustable attitude! Permanently so!
    I'll have what you are having...

  6. Hah! I'm glad you found me because that meant I found you - and you're funny, you are.


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