Monday, January 28, 2013


I was researching wallpaper recently when I was struck by a pattern from Washington Wallcoverings.
It can be found in their African Queen line.

A perennial favorite in fashion, snake, and it's accompanying skin, has managed to wind it's way into home decor. 

A couple of cobras commanding attention on your coffee table, or keeping you company in the bath.

On a diet? You might think twice before reaching in this bowl for a candy fix.

Hissing hinge

Watch your toes.

Run, rabbit, run!

I love the versatility of this tray. It could be at home in the bar, bath, or bedroom.
I found one, in 3 sizes, at, from $50 to $65.

John Derian serves up some good serpent:

February 10th is the start of the Chinese New Year.

It will run it's course thru January 30, 2014...

...the perfect year for you to be "charmed" by snake.

- k -


  1. Hello Kathy:
    Although we are none too keen on any form of reptile we are, of course, and as you might expect, utterly 'charmed' by much of what you show here and would happily find a place for so many of the items illustrated in our lives. But perhaps not the first image!

  2. I both loathe and love snakes... Call me crazy!
    Great images you found, thanks for sharing!!

  3. You have some very cool and chic snake stuff going on here...but ooo....they scare the heck out of me...unless they are way over there!

    I run into too many rattlesnakes on our prairie golf while I embraced the year of the dragon and found several things for my home...I think I will skip snake year!

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  5. LIve snakes I fear, realistic snake images, sculptures or I am not too fond of, but snake skin I do love! But I am not so crazy about it to wear it or bring it into the house. I am with Pura Vida!You picked cool stuff though!


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