Tuesday, March 16, 2010

La Fheile Padraig Sona Daoibh !

Tonight: Irish Stew, Guiness, and "The Quiet Man".
This John Ford classic was filmed in Cong, Mayo. Ireland, where many of the prospects still stand.

White O'Morn Cottage

Reverend Playfair's House

Danaher House

White O'Morn Bridge

Town of Innisfree

Cohan's Bar

"The Quiet Man" is John Ford's loving, nostalgic tribute to his Irish ancestry and homeland. It is full of beautiful landscapes, buildings, and characters.

A perfect St. Patrick's Day treat:


  1. charming pictures of ol' Eire! thanks for posting these nostalgic shots...happy St.Paddy's Day!


  2. cool houses! especially the vine-covered ones!

  3. wonderful to see the "real" locale. this movie was forced upon me when i was but a wee lad (by my mom one afternoon when i was home from school supposedly sick). even 9 yr-olds know a good thing when they see it ... i fell in love with this classic then and have seen it at least a dozen times since. thx for the reminder! great post!

    btw -- i came your way via To The Manner Born (Toad's place)


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