Monday, March 1, 2010

Lost And Found

FOUND: in the New York Times Sunday Styles Section, page 3:

I just love this gold, sapphire, and diamond gate pendant/necklace. It's a product of the recent collaboration and first collection of Mario Buccellati and Carla Forte. At $6500.00, I'm not sure my wallet loves it. Might I have a real gate at that price? This collection is all handmade in Italy. It has been influenced by Ms. Forte's travels. There are necklaces inspired by views of Versailles, and by a Palladian villa outside of Venice. She has also designed earrings that invoke the memory of chandeliers from her childhood home.

LOST AND FOUND: in a lovely gray box in the back of a seldom opened drawer:

I purchased these Karl Lagerfeld pins years ago at Galleries Lafayette in Paris. While the table and chair are my favorite, the wine goblet is quite chic. It has lacquered red wine in it!

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