Saturday, July 10, 2010


If you do not take the local paper, (The Virginian-Pilot) get one today. The latest issue of "Distinction" magazine is out, and it is probably one of the best lifestyle publications I've seen. 
You can also go to and check out current and past issues. 

Kudos to the editor, and my friend, Mark Atkinson, for the best issue yet.

Mark: seated
Publisher, John Fall : standing

The summer issue is full of beautiful summer shots and interesting articles that will satisfy the most discerning reader. I was delighted to see my friend Bobby Holland (shown below with his father) featured in an article on Virginia Beach surfing.  

And Jeff Marks is looking dapper in his seersucker...

On a national note, my young friend, fashion stylist Claire Magruder...

has hit her stride with the August COVER of Good Housekeeping Magazine!!!

Claire told me that Maggie Gyllenhaal and Emma Thompson were wonderful to work with, and that she received a lovely thank you note from Ms. Thompson.
You can click HERE to view a short video of the shoot.

Claire can also be found on the Yahoo lifestyle site,  "Shine", discussing the best swimwear trends for summer 2010. 

Congratulations to both Mark and Claire. I wish that some of your talent and creativity would rub off on me!

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  1. Loved it just put it down I am friends with stylist contributor Tracey Lee
    we share the same birthday and I worked for her many moons ago!!!


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