Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sleepy Town

I've been working on a home in Lynchburg for the past year. Prior to spending time there, I  had my uneducated prejudices and opinions.
My visits have been a real eye opener. Lynchburg is located in the foothills of Virginia on the James river. It is a little over an hour from Charlottesville, and about three and a half hours from Washington, D.C.
Formed in 1786, it is home to 3 colleges. There are many charming neighborhoods with beautiful and historic homes. Downtown has a lively restaurant, arts, and shopping scene. 

I was delighted to discover a downtown gem on one of my recent visits. Owner Mary Brockman has a great selection of antiques, lighting, accessories, and even the occasional one-of-a-kind fashion and jewelry items. Her cavernous store, Enchanted, showcases an eye for color and design, with a wink toward the eclectic and new. 

Right next door is Urban Merchant, Brockman's newest venue, specializing in gifts and other ephemera with a few "flea" and antiques thrown in. 

The Farm Basket is a charming roadside garden center, cafe, and specialty shop. I've had several wonderful lunches there. Their garden center is small but first rate. 

If you can't visit Lynchburg, The Farm Basket has a great online store. Click HERE to check out their fine gifts, specialty foods, and Virginia specific items. 

I am looking forward to returning to this "not so sleepy" town and discovering other hidden treasures.

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