Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Geranium Gin

What a pretty drink. The bottle is an attractive design and would look good on any bar. 
Has anyone out there tried it?


  1. Kathy ... I haven't tried it but it looks absolutely delectable! I love the Geranium bottle and the picture of the glass of "Geranium Gin" is just gorgeous! Perfect for a hot summer afternoon.
    Best wishes Frances

  2. Frances.....I agree. Do you suppose it tastes like a geranium? I've never tried one...but they look delicious!

  3. So far, the only flowers I have imbibed are nasturtiums and squash blossoms. Thinking hard about Geraniums, I will have to check on their properties.

  4. D.D....I've only had a salad, and covered in sugar on a cupcake. I'm not sure that I truly tasted them, but the presentation was beautiful.


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