Monday, August 2, 2010

Love Train

I did a posting in May concerning a big fat blue mess I had made...

I was having a rough time of it and broke one of my own rules: "You can love something dearly, but can't always have it." In other words, I forced a color that I loved, but was all wrong for MY house. It was awful, and no amount of fabric or artwork helped the situation. 
Influenced by a few late night Jane Austen movies (Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice)...

I hastily painted a fabulous blue, thinking "I want it, and this will make me happy."
Ugghhhhh..... Oh, by the way...did I tell you that I DO NOT live in an 18th century English country house?!
Thank goodness it was my house and not a client's.
Fast forward to 3 months ago: I found this wonderful grasscloth...

I've just put it up and I love it. It is warm and inviting in a very tall room. Vaulted ceiling rooms can be cold and difficult to decorate. 
I'm just putting the room back together now. I need an end table, lampshade, and definitely need to edit the space, but I'm positive that this time I am on the right train, headed in the right direction.
The pictures below were taken at 6am. (notice the exhausted dogs) with the O'Jays blaring in the background...

If you had been there that morning you might have caught me doing a little celebration dance, but I think I'll let the Soul Train Line Dancers sum up how I feel...

Happy Week!

I'd wear just about every outfit in this video...including the guy's!


  1. I loved, loved the blue room! I also know if you don't like it's gotta go. Practice makes perfect. I also love the grass cloth. I need to see some dry palm fronds somewhere. Your house is beautiful. The portraits in charcoal are so old money south. Remember I'm from the Gulf Coast with no money.

  2. Kevin...I'm now OBSESSED with the idea of dried palm fronds...going to pick your pocket on that one. As far as money...smoke and mirrors babe...smoke and mirrors...don't look too closely...The Gulf Coast is home of my favorite style "decadent decay". Thank you so much for always having sweet things to say.

  3. Yes, I agree the change is an improvement, not that I really didn't like the blue. In a vaulting space like that it seems the darker color warms everything up and unifies what you already have. Interesting post! Thanks and thanks for visiting us at Dovecote Decor!

  4. WOW! Are you kidding me!? That grass cloth looks AMAZING!!! The blue wasn't horrible, but the grass cloth is magazine spread worthy! congrats...I'm soul training right along with you!

  5. Love the grass cloth AND The Soul Train big finish! I agree the blue had to go. The room looks so inviting and warm,going love it as the weather continues to cool,so cozy! Especially with the terriers snoozing! You have got it GOING ON Girl!


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