Saturday, February 26, 2011

For Your Consideration

"The Schaffer Residence" 1949
John Lautner   architect
Currently offered by Crosby Doe Associates


2 Bedrooms
1.5 Baths
2 Carport

You may recognize this home, located in a wooded valley at the foot of the Verdugo Mountains, and only 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

It's the home that Tom Ford chose for a non-speaking role in last years Oscar nominated "A Single Man".

This stunner in concrete, glass, and native redwood, has been meticulously restored.

The open plan design takes advantage of the beautiful views encompassing a large stand of oak.

Colin Firth, regrettably, does not come with the property.

For more information on the sale of this home, visit  Crosby Doe Associates.

For more information on this property, and others designed by renowned architect John Lautner, visit The John Lautner Foundation.


  1. Love the outdoor/indoor vibe! Stunning property!

  2. it's a single man's world, baby! great post, K.

  3. Love that invisible line between indoors and out in that bedroom. Very cool place.

  4. K -- Re: The Chrysler, that place gave me sustenance and succor many times whilst we were in the climes and environs of Chesapeake/Hampton Roads during law school. Sun eve recommendation? easy ... put the DVR to work on the Oscars, and watch Any Human Heart with a nice shiraz. not a bad way to tend the weekend (don't forget to say weekend like the Brits do!)

  5. Colin Firth was the deal breaker for me. Some other lucky buyer will be the proud owner of this beauty.

  6. loved the movie and i loved the house.
    the rotating doors are the best!!


  7. I have always love Lautner's work! Ok, I am just about to whip out my chequebook!

  8. beautiful house! I have always love Lautner's work too...

  9. I love that house and I love Colin Firth!!!!

  10. love that house! fun to see it in the movie and again now! thanks! i wouldn't mind being a single man if i got to live there!

  11. It's very fine, a million miles from my life and world. I once built and livid in a house in the middle of a redwood forest in Marin county many years ago and this brings back memories, if my house was more "high tech in style. Price is not bad I'd say—too few bathrooms I suppose. Nice post. Transporting.

  12. While I thoroughly appreciate the design- I could not live the way I like in that structure, and it is far removed from where I should be right now-so no sale. possibly would reconsider if Firth would sweeten the deal. pgt


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