Saturday, February 5, 2011

Joe Willie

This post is for the ladies...

...and lovers of wall to wall, deep, super shaggy carpet...

I mean REALLY shaggy....

Actually, I'd take the artwork, coffee table, and lighting, in a New York Jets minute.

Joe definitely liked to rock the fur...

However, with age, Joe started to acquire a more sophisticated style...

...with less yak...

Today he sports a clean, modern style, where the only fur to be found is on the dogs.

Joe Namath is sixty-eight this year, and a true one-of-a-kind.

Have a super Sunday!       k


  1. That carpet must have been heaven to walk on.

  2. That is super shaggadelic. Now I know where Austin Powers got his inspiration! I love this post :)

  3. you will never believe this one....
    joe's dog ran a way,
    and guess who found it?
    not me - my mom

    we did not know who's dog it was...

    {btw - joe namath's dog peed on my piano!}

    joe heard we had found his dog.
    you should have seen my mother when she answered the door and it was joe namath coming to claim his dog.
    who knew???
    but she almost fell over dead.


  4. wow. legend meets legend in this fine post, K. (and also Ms. Renee's comment is classic serendipity!) have a great superbowl sunday!

  5. Joe Namath was never my type. Give me Pierce Brosnan, any day. You are the only person that gleaned Paris Singer was the 23rd, 24th, maybe 25th child of the Singer Sewing machine inventor. Can you believe the kid had a dime,not to mention millions, so far down the line? It was a fascinating segue within my research. Thank you Kathy!! I've been waiting for two comments. Number 1: My great photo of Princess Grace with the reflection of Venus in the glass--no mentions. Number 2: Yes, your inquiry into this later born son. Woodstock and the sex revolution, has nothing on the Gilded Age--nothing!! Start reading, it defies modern imagination . Of course, I rarely post, because I'm stuck in the Mitford Sister's account of the era. That will be coming soon.

  6. My cats would adore long shag carpet.

    And it would be great for all the table toppers they knock off.

    Of course I'm hearing THAT song seeing your Joe Namath pics.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  7. This is a great post!
    And the follow-up anecdotes only enrich it.
    We seem to have fewer and fewer of these larger-than-life human beings these days. Wonder why...
    Enjoy the game ;)

  8. Kathy this is so fascinating and then Renee's comment!! Too much.

    Oh how we do change over the years!

    Come and join my amazing giveaway from Splenderosa! You will love it!

    Art by Karena

  9. Now that was a lot of shag, which is kind of cool in it's own sort of way.

  10. You are too funny! That shag! the poor cleaning lady, or in Joe's case his poor Mother. Thanks for the sweet comments, I hope the pink lifted some spirits, I know it lifted mine.

  11. Great post. Love the artwork at the end!

  12. Wonderful witty funny post!! I saw Namath play once and he must have thrown 8 intercepted passes that game! But all I remember is my friend's father taking us out afterwards and I had pineapple upside down cake - was the first time I'd had it - shows you where my priorities lay!

  13. I believe those are flokati rugs that Joe had in his early apartments. My husband brought one back while he was in Crete many moons ago. Lovely and warming, they are a mess to clean!

  14. such a wonderful post- Broadway Joe, I love those fashionable coats, very gutsy and remember the panty hose? pgt

  15. Thanks to the legend of Joe Willie at his Alma Mater I am hunting for a fur coat for a 10 year old boy for Christmas this year....many, many moons later. What an impression he left!!


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