Friday, September 9, 2011

Navy Blue

This picture could have been taken in the mid 80's, and I would have probably dismissed it at the time. But since my "Long Hot Summer" post, and this picture of a Miles Redd kitchen,

I've been re-evaluating my feelings toward the color of navy blue. I might be developing a crush...

I love the way that navy can look vintage AND modern at the same time.

You can "preppy" it...

or "glam" it...

It might just be my new favorite bathroom color.

It's a neutral, without being too neutral.

It can be just as bold as any other color.

It has a masculine side...

...and a feminine side...

Navy Blue... about as classic as you can get...



  1. Love NAVY! SWOON over NAVY! GOTTA have NAVY!

  2. So glad to see this post. You have hit the nail on the head. Navy is likely the most classic of all colors-more so than black-which for me in interiors can be oppressive. Navy always works-and like the little navy blazer is elegant and classic. Other than camel either wearing it or living in it I could do navy any day. pgt

  3. You have kind of read my mind! I was looking for a colour to redecorate my hallway, and I was kind of swinging towards navy blue and white.

  4. I've been thinking about navy slipcovers. Love it.

  5. love the vnavy.
    it is just so forever!!


  6. So glad I came across your post today. Navy is one of my absolute favorite colors to use when designing a space. It is chic, timeless and has a freshness to it that is all tied together nicely. My son's room is navy and white and makes me smile everytime I walk into his room. I have recently designed a few navy spaces too. Great post!

  7. Hello,

    I love this kind of bleue, it's so timeless...

    Have a nice week

  8. Oh yeah! Here's what I've been loving about navy recently: it's a fresh way to do black. Does that make sense? So, now you've got my mind racing about painting our bathroom navy. I wonder if it could work with yellow and black tile...


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