Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Two Face

Heads or Tails.....I think you'll like both sides...



  1. Holy cow, I want the tufted leather with ikat wingbacks. Two, please.

  2. Oh God, now I have to redo all my chairs! I love a good two-face. I hope you had a good summer, are is just beginning here. Hot! Thanks for dropping by. And yes, make a film!!!!!!

  3. I adore this look and have done it on several slipper chairs in my living room. I'm thinking of doing it on kitchen chairs as well!!

  4. Oh - am still reeling over that first image....

    But onto the chairs - I love non matching sides to a chair - adds a bit of humour and personality. And the perfect solution for people who can't quite make up their minds!

  5. just love the orange leather wing back chairs ... with the beautiful ikat fabric. I used that same chair in a recent project ... but not with the ikat ... its never too late to add!
    Great post ...

  6. Another great post! I have an affinity for "two faced" seating options. I especially love dining chairs that marrying two different textiles to create a fab piece!


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