Monday, March 19, 2012

Dim Some

I am obsessed with lighting. I know what it can do. You have a beautiful room, and with one flick of the switch, it can be ruined by harsh, overhead fan lighting. You have an attractive front door and porch area, and when early evening comes, all the curb appeal goes out the door with that unattractive bare bulb haphazardly plopped in your light fixture. 
I have most of my home lighting on dimmers. The first thing I do when purchasing a new, or old, lamp is take it to my local lamp shop and have a dimmer or 3-way switch installed. There are other options, however. 

I stumbled upon this at Lowes this weekend...

I didn't really need it, but at $5.98, I thought that it would be worth a try.

This is a lamp in my living room with a 60 watt, soft white, incandescent bulb. 

It's fairly bright for mood lighting.

This is the same lamp after I installed the rotary lamp dimmer. 
That's much better!

Although my photography skills do not show it, this is a definite improvement. This dimmer allows for barely there up to full brightness lighting.

* It is important to remember that this rotary dimmer raises your bulb in the lamp socket, which may affect the overall proportions of the lamp. If it causes you to have to replace the lamp harp with a larger one, that may cause the shade to rise, exposing the neck or switch. In that case, it would be more cost effective to take your lamp to a lamp shop and have a dimmer or 3-way installed. 

*This dimmer is only for use with incandescent and halogen bulbs.

Taking everything into consideration, I would say that this is a lot of look for little money.
A truly bright idea!




  1. What a handy item!! And I just love your clever title!!

  2. Fab find... added to my shopping list.
    best, teaorwine

  3. just found your blog cannot wait to peruse it. The above gadget is now on my list.

  4. Such a great idea and something even I can install...thanks for the tip!!

  5. brilliant girls just think alike!!!
    i could have but didn't write this post.

    you are the best@!

    love xx


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