Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Leg Up

Out for an internet stroll on a rainy Sunday, and I stumble upon this...

Successfully funded on KickStarter with $250,000+, on an $18,000 goal, the Floyd leg is a re-thought clamp of minimalist design allowing you to take any flat surface and create a table.

coffee table


Inventors Kyle Hoff and Alex O'Dell have succeeded in creating something that is traditional and modern, and perfect for young and old, alike.

You're only limited by your imagination...

At $189 for 16" coffee table, and $189 for 29" table legs, it's definitely budget friendly. The portability factor and ease of use can not be understated.

For more information, or to order, visit The Floyd Leg .


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  1. That's great! It would be perfect for an outdoor/back porch table that could be put away for the winter.


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