Sunday, April 27, 2014

Her SignaCha Culla

...that would be Shelby's, not mine. But I will admit to falling for this beauty the other day. 

It's a bit peony / rose / camellia looking.

At least that's what I hope to get....

I spotted these at a nursery a week ago, and planted them yesterday.

Maybe they can help pull this tired old obelisk through one more season.

If they are half as pretty as they are in the photos, I'll be thrilled.

I've had several varieties and colors of mandevilla before, but not for many years. I became a little bored and had moved on to other plants. Seeing them in every big box store parking lot sort of took away their exotic allure. 

I have high hopes that "Tango Twirl" will do the flamenco in my garden this season. It could use a little spice. I'll keep you posted.


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