Saturday, April 19, 2014

Prepping For Egg Arrival the right hand corner of the picture...balanced on the edge of the pot...

Furiously working on his/her nest for most of the day...

This industrious little couple have honored me with their choice of one of my boxwood pots as their new home. 

It's inspiring. I've definitely come down with a spring fever, and am motivated to making some home improvements of my own.

Sometimes you just have to run with it. You can't always wait for the painter. 
Like I said...spring fever...

...getting excited...

Happy Easter



  1. We have three things in common with this post. The first is that we also were honored to have a mother and father bird build their nest in the (faux) dormer window of my little girls' playhouse. The eggs have hatched, the babies have been heard (though never seen as they were safely tucked inside, and when we came back from being out-of-town for the weekend, they had flown the nest! The second thing we have in common is the table on which your paint supplies are shown. Exactly the same table. I inherited mine from my great aunt and uncled, who lived in Maryland. The third is that I've just planted hostas and ferns on our patio. Can't wait to see them get larger. What I wish we had in common are those gorgeous flowering trees. Just lovely. Happy Spring!

  2. I love your hostas in pots. I don't think we could do that here because it freezes too hard. I love the little birds setting up home in the boxwood. That will be fun to watch them going in and out taking care of their babies. Happy Easter to you!


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