Thursday, April 29, 2010

Catalogue Critique

I receive soooo many catalogs. I'm sure that my mailman hates me. (Actually, he's a great guy, and always has time for my dogs and a chat). Luckily, I live in an area that has curbside recycling. I would feel terrible receiving these former trees if we didn't. 
You would think that with the advent of easy online shopping, catalogs would go the way of the traveling salesman. However, there are still plenty of people out there who shop this way. 
My first catalog consideration is "Viva Terra". The name conjures up visions of organic what-nots, zen gardens, and hiking sandals, but the circular is quite eclectic with interesting and varied offerings.


I saw this pic over at Sue De Chiara's place  (check it out, it's fantabulous!) It's from the online portfolio of design firm Mabley Handler.
I knew that I had seen those lamps somewhere...


Recycled Glass Lamp
Aqua (shown) or Pink

Case Goods:

Vintage Fir Modern Dresser
Light (shown) or Dark finish
3, 5, or 6 drawers
$1435 - $1895

Gustavian Bed
Dark (shown) or Light finish
twin / full / queen / king / Cal king
$1795 - $2095

Eco Bistro Chair

Earthly Rattan Stools
On Sale  $159

Library Desk

Linens and Things:

Pom Pom Collection Pillows and Throw
Turquoise (shown), Rasberry, Navy
On Sale  $29 - $39

Felted Stone Lumbar Pillow
18" x 12" x 6"

Coffee Sack and Corte Outdoor Pillow
24" square
On Sale $89

Odds and Ends:

Recycled Glass Knobs
(set of 4)

Tabletop Chalkboard Globe

Wooly Night Owl
Hand made by women in rural Kenya
16" x 12" x 6"

Multi Color River Stone Mat
-also in white, black and ochre
On Sale  $49

Living Eco Sphere

Topiary Garden Forms
On Sale  $69-$79

And finally.....I'm not really sure about this one. What do you think?

Bamboo Charcoal (?) Soap
(set of 4)

I must disclose that I have yet to purchase from Viva Terra. (also
I am impressed with their collection, and would not rule out a purchase in the future.
I would love to hear from you if you have had any dealings with them.......especially with the charcoal soap!

Happy Shopping 
Have a Great Weekend........K


  1. Kathy, very nice I love this catalog and had not heard of it, a treasure!

    Art by Karena

  2. How fun that you found those amazing lamps! I love that! Viva Terra is great...have ordered many things from them, but never that interesting soap.

  3. The lamps, vintage dresser and Gustavian bed are just luxe, I love them all. I have never heard of this catalog either but am one of those who still shops from them.
    It is something about feeling the pages between my fingers--I don't know, I am truly a throwback from the olden days.
    Love your choices & your blog, cheers!

  4. The aqua lamp is gorgeous and so is the pom pom pillow, so different! I'm fascinated with your blog :)

  5. alright, K, i'll take one library desk and one chalkboard globe! very cool ... catalogs can be a very dangerous thing with inverse relationship b/n your checkbook balance and no. of catalogs in the house! ;)

  6. Oh, I love catalogs! I know, I know, they're terrible for the environment, but still, I adore looking through them! Great post, and yes, Sue is awesome!

  7. I spent quite a bit of time last weekend perusing the very same catalog and totally missed those great lamps that Sue had in one of her images - what a great eye you have!


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