Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Have A Fungus!

Not to worry, it isn't contagious...

but the diagnosis is in...

I need a new roof...

Don't get me wrong, this is definitely a condition that I could live with. I think that it is beautiful, and adds to the character of a home. In a couple of weeks there will be thousands of tiny red stems and flowers growing out of the lichen. "Beautiful", I say. "Not good", says my roofer. After 25 years the cedar shakes have broken down and need to be replaced, just as my roof was starting to develop real beauty and character. Oh well, I don't want those pesky Maysles brothers showing up asking to film! I'll just have to be satisfied with the lichen  and moss inspired colors that I chose for the exterior. 

If I could, I'd have a stone roof with a moss garden growing on it. 

Until then, I'll just settle for it IN my garden...

Fungi adds grace and beauty, animating the inanimate.

So even though it has eaten my roof, costing me a king's ransom to replace, I will continue to cultivate, desire, and love a good fungus. 


  1. Kathy what a great series. Beautiful! Your house is sooooooooooooo beautiful as well. Thanks for the visuals and the great premiss.

  2. While I do not envy your roof problem, I have been growing moss instead of grass for several years. I love almost everything about it.

    Your photos have inspired me further.

  3. I LOVE your house! Prettiest one in our neighborhood...You deserve it, too!

  4. Gorgeous pics. I do love moss and lichen, in the garden at least! Enjoying your blog.

  5. Lichens and fungi, oh my! Some cool photos here, I hope you get things straightened out with your roof! I just found your blog, I too live in an area with limited shopping resources (which might be a good thing!), so I'm looking forward to seeing all of your ideas! I'm a new follower, for sure! Cheers!

  6. Oh, hello my little Koons puppy! I agree about how absolutely charming that roof would be...too bad it has to be replaced! Your blog looks great btw! Is this a new header?

  7. Kevin....thank you...will keep my exterior..and would like to transplant YOUR interior to the east coast. I stayed in one of the bungalows at the Sunset Marquis....could have lived there...your place has the same feel.

    Toad...thanks for signing on...I grow moss back in the woods for my pots..would love to see a few of your "moss lawn" picks!

    Nancy....Thanks alot

    Shari...will check out your spot...thanks for visiting mine

    Zhush...I have noticed that most blogs have these beautiful designs/headers/ads/gizmos/ and gadgets...(WAY over my head)...think I'll keep mine simple...BUT will probably change my blog design constantly...(I get bored) LOVE LOVE LOVE your design....fresh , clean, easy to read, and fun...keep up the good work clever Channel girl ;)

  8. Anne.....Thanks for stopping your garden blog..K

  9. Zhush....Channel = Chanel !!! sleepy

  10. Love your new look! And love fungi... on other people's roof, that is. Your house is GORGEOUS! I love homes that make you feel that happy people live there.

  11. Nice post! Moss and lichen are two of my favorite things. Love your house!

  12. oh drat......structural stability! haha
    LOVE the look of a moss covered roof, but ok...I guess it's not the best for the house unfortunately. I wish they sold moss covered or pre-aged cedar shakes!


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