Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All Of Our Days, Two Silhouettes On The Shade...

The art of silhouette cutting originated in Europe in the early 18th century. Prior to the French Revolution, silhouette artists were hired by aristocrats to attend various parties and balls and cut out the profiles of the lords and ladies, capturing the latest fashions and elaborate wigs. At the same time, much of Europe was starving. Etienne Silhouette, the finance minister of France, was said to be more interested in his hobby of paper cutting than the nation he helped cripple with his merciless tax policies. In protest, the peasants would wear black, mimicking the black paper cutouts. The saying was: "We are dressed a la Silhouette. We are shadows, too poor to wear color. We are Silhouettes!" Thankfully, the negative connotation is gone, and in fact, silhouettes have become one of the most collectible art forms.

Below you will find irony and macabre humor!
Artist Wilhelm Staehle has the most wonderful website:
Staehle hand cuts peculiar, yet clever and charming silhouettes. You may purchase his art through his store found within his website.

I adore the Hi / Bye Bear


Staehle's Latest:

His and Hers pillow cases standard size $40
They conveniently face away from each other!
Prints and custom silhouettes

Isn't this beautiful? Valencia, Spain artist Jorge Rodriguez Gerada has painted life-sized silhouettes on this destroyed building's wall, placed within the outlines of rooms that used to be there.

Tim Arnold custom silhouettes

Love these jeans:

This is easy to do with most any design. Try an iron-on transfer kit. You can find them at craft stores and computer supply stores like Office Max.

"Musical Chairs" by Barbara Barry for Wedgewood

Peel and stick silhouette
Advantage: Easy to remove when child has outgrown them

Drop Dead Rug by British Designer Alex Carpenter
price upon request


Took a walk past your house (late last night).
All the shades were pulled and drawn (way down tight).
From within a dim light cast two silhouettes on the shade.
Oh what a lovely couple they made.

All of our days, two silhouettes on the shade...

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