Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Your Recommended Daily Allowance Of Vitamins And...

It is soooo cold here today! Don't get me wrong, I love the outdoors, but find that lately, with the exception of appointments and my daily walk, I having been staying exclusively inside. I have hundreds of exterior projects that need immediate attention, but they will have to wait. It is, however, a great time to bring the outside in. I am constantly finding things on my walks to bring home. It could be branches to force bloom, or branches and twigs found on the ground covered in lichen or moss. I take the branches covered in lichen and place them on a tray surrounded by candles, or simply place on a shelf or mantel. I have small vases filled with colorful bird feathers and butterfly wings placed next to exo-skeletons of dragonflies and cicadas. I also love finding rocks. They look wonderful collected in a bowl or used as a paper weight. I have smooth white ones brought back from the mountains of Jamaica, and jagged gray ones found one summer in Goshen Pass, Virginia.

Ahhh summer...I guess I'll just keep dreaming of warmer climes while "bringing the outside in" with my latest finds!

cue: clever segue...

This is the exterior and lobby of The Viceroy Hotel in Miami Beach, designed by famed interior decorator and taste-maker Kelly Wearstler.

She took "bringing the outside in" to new levels with this project.

Notice the beautiful geodes, minerals, and precious stones embedded in this lobby chair.

The rest of the place is not so bad either...


Wearstler has also designed a line of accessories for Bergdorf Goodman that include signed brass and silver boxes covered in turquoise and other minerals and stones.

No two are alike in size, shape, and decoration.
Priced from $3950.00 to $6000.00


While unique and beautiful, the Wearstler boxes are just a little out of my price range!
I went to www.twoguysfossils.com and bought a $39 mixed mineral set. It comes with 26 minerals in their own little numbered bags, and a list of what the minerals are and where they are from.

I placed the minerals in a silver tray with a few pieces of coral.


Package "b"
$39 plus shipping

Or you could make a REAL statement:

Amethyst Cathedral
17" x 13" x 3"

Citrine Bowl
36" x 29"

Minerals and Geodes as Accessories:

Wrist Accessories


$6 to $10


Eye Candy

What would you do with these gems?

Have A Rockin' Week ! K

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