Sunday, December 26, 2010

At Home Bar Chic

Tis the season for entertaining at home, planned or impromptu. You don't need a professional bar set-up. It's much more fun to work with what you have, turning a chest, sideboard, secretary, desk, or tray into a festive, chic bar...


  1. Loving all these incredibly chic at-home bar images. With teenagers at home, doesn't seem like I should tempt fate!! But love living vicariously with these!!

  2. These are all so lovely and spectacular. Have a Happy New Year ;)
    Cheers, Alcira

  3. Wonderful pictures as if we needed really some inspiration to dash to the bar !!!!!!!!

    My bar looks like an old rhums vault !

    Have a good drink !

    Fidji from Irresistibleparis

  4. i am fascinated by liqueur and bars.
    i have seen some outrageous public bars, like in hotels and fab restaurants.
    almost makes you never want to leave
    hahahaha xxx
    thanks for the comment and your banner is outstanding

  5. Nice work! :)

    But what about the copyright?
    I alså want to share a lot of great fotos from the internet on my blog...
    Can I just copy/paste everything??



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