Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hoping For...

Hoping for a Happy and Healthy New Year....and MORE COLOR in 2011!!!

See you next year!    K


  1. Kathy -- awesome work (again!) putting this wish/hoping list for more color together. (I also like your new image of the pointer(?).) Thank you for visiting throughout 2010, and I really appreciate your abilities and tastes that you so capably disply on Princess Anne County. Great stuff. I so loved my time in Hampton Roads (I lived, I think I've shared this with you, in Chesapeake and Va. Beach and tried to buy a place in Ghent!)

    Wishing you the best for 2011!!!! If I ever get back to VA this next year, we'll drop by for coffee in Ghent!

    Ciao! - Jg.

  2. Kathy,

    Wishing you more colorful ceilings, good health and much happiness throughout 2011!


  3. Well I had to come by to visit and what do I find? Fabulous images, room #2 please. You will be happy to know we've recently made purple ( Mystery by C2, the Canadian paint company) the new red in our house.

    More color yes!

    Happy New Year.


  4. Wishing you only the best in the New Year, Kathy!


    If the Lamp Shade Fits

  5. It's always a treat to visit your blog and dream.....see you in the New Year Kathy!

  6. I like the one with the ikat pillow.
    Thank you for your visits on my blog.
    happy new year to you.


  7. Can you share what color the yellow ceiling is in the second image?


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