Monday, January 31, 2011

The Forgotten Passage

Consider the hallway...because you probably haven't.
It's not just a means to an end, but rather an opportunity to take advantage of every square inch of square footage that you have.
 I can hear groaning out there right now from those of you in homes with hallways so narrow that you need a traffic light to avoid collisions.
Check out these Jack Sprats...

Dramatic lighting, color, and detail, make those narrow spaces big and bold.

Many of you are not "color" fans, or you rent, and are not allowed to paint.
Well, white can be with it...

For those of you lucky enough to have the space and liberty to do as you please, a hallway makes a terrific gallery for showcasing your art work and collections.

If your living room and den shelves are overflowing, why not add a library and storage to the hall?

Attention to the floors can pay off with dramatic results.

If you are building a home, don't forget to give your atriums and hallways a little architectural oomph...

Continuing a room into a hallway is a smart way to take advantage of space you already have.

A little daring-do, and you've got yourself a chic corridor...

Don't become so preoccupied with the destination that you forget the journey.


I would like to thank Heather, of  Concrete Jungle, for giving me this award.


Coming from this talented designer, living in Phuket, Thailand, it's quite the compliment.
She's asked me to pass it on to ten deserving bloggers.
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  1. What a great problem solving post. Narrow halls are something that many of us have learned to live with, and a traverse that should be entirely eliminated from new construction. The best idea is to create additional space on either side of a room so that you can pass through it easily--the sneaky hall. When stuck with a narrow hall, bookshelves and pictures are always my solution. I loved the image with the lit black and white pictures with brown wooden frames. Great post!!

  2. Thank you for the nod! I think you've got incredible taste so I feel quite honored.

    You always have so many images to share. The effort you put into your blog is apparent and appreciated. There are some real standouts for me especially the teal chinoiserie murals, the painted and patterned floors and the artwork.

    Thank you again! I've been meaning to develop my own self-imposed Mediocre Blog Award just to avoid the award season. I don't have a thing to wear!

  3. So many choices! You have shown some fabulous hallways! Blessed (I will say blessed here) with a very narrow hallway, we painted ours in 3 huge hoizontal stripes with dark chocolate on the bottom with cappucino on the top stripe with white baseboards and cornices! It did wonders for our very narrow hall.

  4. okay, so glad you gave me a chance to comment on hallways. they are awesome. one of my favorite films the last decade or so is "possession" (with aaron eckhart and gwyneth paltrow and tom hollander). anyhoo, aaron's character visits his landlord upstairs in his london home, and they meet in his hall. aaron (roland mitchel) says, "what do we always meet in your hallway?" and tom says, "my favorite room in my house, really. i bought this house b/c of the hallway." classic. oh, and thanks for the blogaward mention!!

    great week to you, K!

  5. Kathy, what a surprise :-) thank you for the blog award! fabulous hallways! this weekend we painted the hallway of my parents with stripes...wishing you a wonderful new week! warm hugs to you

  6. Kathy, first let me say how wonderful this last post is. Hallways, who knew? so chic and all so different. Secondly, thanks so much for the award. You are to kind. Because of you, I feel like Sally Fields!------So,please return to Hollywood, so we can raise a glass or several. Your biggest fan, Hf,K.

  7. kathy,
    we are in perfect harmony, because I am searching for my stamped floor studio and ideas to expand the area of the library from my house.
    thanks for the helpful posts.
    hugs and kisses,

  8. Wow! what a fabulous those painted floor patterns....would love to try on my polished concrete. And the award looks a million times better....well will be fun to see where it pops up next! Obviously my pick of Princess Anne County was perfect!

  9. Hi Kathy
    Thank you for awarding me this beautiful shell, now I just need a long narrow hallway to show it in!
    You put together some really great pictures here; I definitely feel more comfortable with the halls filled with paintings and books but the stripey one is fascinating!

  10. An award? And just when I've left my ballgown at the cleaners.

    Thanks so much, Miz K., for the honor!

    P.S. I think shelves in a hallway is genius.

  11. Love this post!! I have always adored hallways, especially those of the enfilade variety. Am working on a little bit of a gallery myself at the moment but of course my dream would be one of the halls serving as a library adjunct!!

  12. i was just talking to a client yesterday about the freedom you can take with a hallway.
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this post.
    i am putting it on my sidebar.

    and btw thanks for the award xxx

  13. Love the photo of the hallways lined with bookshelves interspersed with window seats. It looks so interesting, cozy, and intellectual all at the same time. Congratulations on your award! Fun, fun, fun.

  14. hi kathy!
    ohmymy!!! I have never seen so many hallways all together in my life- it could be a book! great post. great reference!

    congratulaions on your award, and thank you, thank you for passing it to me. the shell is beautiful btw! I am most touched and honored!


  15. Fabulous inspiration! What a great collection of passages!

    Eddie + Jaithan

  16. Hi I love hallways that are full of interesting things and have the time to wander and enjoy thankyou fay x


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