Friday, January 28, 2011

Window Shopping

It's Friday! For some of you that means payday, and the urge to spend will be overwhelming.
Let's do a little online window shopping and see if we can't find something fun...

Areo Home

Marie Antoinette Bookends

Napoleon Plaque

Petite Tulipiere Vase

Posh Chicago

Vintage Turned Wood Finials
$18.00 - $24.00


Pagoda Tabletop Lanterns
$248.00 small
$400.00 large


Frack Mirror

Barnslig Ringdans Rug

Snodd Knob
$3.99 per two pack

Loviken Dual Control
Kitchen Faucet

Ballard Design

Etched Hurricane

The London Cushion Co.

Linen Union Jack

Not In Service


"Henry" Faucet
$1,050.00 - $2,200.00

Legion Style Vanity

Level Group Realtors

1860's Colonial on 20 private acres in New York State
8 bedrooms
6 bathrooms
numerous outbuildings
Koi pond w/gazebo
rose garden
borders the Hudson

2 hours north of NYC
10 Minutes south of Albany


Find anything?

Have a great weekend....k


  1. I love your choices and the price range, too - something for everybody! My pick would be the wooden finials.

  2. I love that photo of Audrey Hepburn. The pattern from the chandeliers that's repeated in her necklace is very smart.

    There's some great resources (Posh Chicago and Mothology) that I never knew before.

    I see a theme of gray running through your posts that I'm really attracted to.

    Also really like those finials.

  3. I loved your blog. I loved the photos ... everything! very charming!
    kisses and hugs from Brasil

  4. I'll take the house, thank you. The best thing about being a blogger is that we shop with our cameras more than our wallets. Yes, I'm back--I needed to recharge my batteries.

  5. i'll take "things that start with Q for $1,000, alec." oh, wait, that's from "white men can't jump."

    seriously like that colonial,, though, kathy. that's a nice start, but, i think i'd rather have a nice big plantation on the east shore, or perhaps a nice georgian brick manse with about 100 acres on the James near colonial williamsburg! (funny, b/c, my entire law school in virginia was all georgian ... and now i want one. hmmmm.

  6. Lots....the pay check won't last long! xv

  7. I also do love your choices and the fact that you have included something for everyone, no matter what their budget. Just proves that with your picks you don't need a lot of cash to have some dash!

  8. i can swing the ikea mirror. seriously, i needed one just like that!

  9. i love this one. her!!!

    and i want the tulip vase.
    where is it from??


  10. Kathy,
    thanks for your visit!!!!!
    i see you here....Sorry my english...

  11. love your chioces! I'll take the Pagoda too :-) lovely greetings


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