Thursday, January 6, 2011

Help! I Can't Live Like This...

This week Ikea announced that it no longer stocks or sells traditional incandescent light bulbs in preparation for the requirement of all general purpose bulbs to be more energy efficient by the year 2014.

They are now only carrying CFL's, halogen, and LED light bulbs.

Won't these be pretty in your chandelier?

I'm super light sensitive, so I'm picturing this:

I can't even tolerate this...

So what am I to do?

My home is not an office building... police work or interrogations...

I don't operate there...

...and I'm not growing any "interior crops"...

And speaking of green, don't lecture me about Mother Earth. I'm the recycle, re-use, re-purpose, flea market, antiques, queen. I drive a Prius for crying out loud. I get it!
I'm just not sure I'm willing to compromise the sanctity and ambience of my home for 45 lumens per watt...not to mention the whole mercury / disposal issue. 
Ikea offers disposal centers at their stores, but how and where do THEY dispose?

I need this type of lighting...

...overhead, lamps, and windows so that I can control the intensity and degree of lighting depending upon the occasion, mood, or time of day.

So what are my options?

Do I rent a storage unit and fill it with a lifetime of incandescent bulbs?

Should I put the candle factory back in business...

...and start stocking up?

Or should I get my Little House On The Prairie on?

I've been told that 3 way and low watt candelabra bulbs will not be affected, so that's just a trip to my local lamp shop to have the sockets and harps of lamps that can support 3 way changed.
But mostly I am hoping that some creative engineer / designer out there comes up with a solution that is eco-friendly, pocketbook friendly, and beautiful.
They've got three years...

In the meantime, I'll let comedian Dennis Miller sum up my feelings on the subject...

"Not going to use those curly-cue bulbs in my house...I haven't worked my entire adult life to have my living room lit like a fight scene in an Eastern Bloc stairwell in The Bourne Ultimatum"


  1. Bravo and Amen!
    I applaud you for daring to "go there."
    I for one would rather move to another planet than to have to live with these things for the rest of my days.
    I literally get a headache after a short time in a space lit by eco bulbs -- they, to me, embody everything that is ugly and unwelcoming in this world. I did start stockpiling bulbs at one point last year, but then it started to get a little expensive so I laid off.
    This is such a taboo topic these days, it seems everyone tiptoes around it. Curly-cues be damned!
    Cheers, Alcira

  2. Here, Here! We tried to be eco-friendly and buy LED Christmas lights for the tree this year. It was like a neon-strobe in our family room. We had to take them off and use them outside and get the cheap, old, non-eco lights so I could stand to look at the tree.

    There as to be a better solution. Hopefully someone will develop in the next three years and make millions. Love your pics!

  3. Very fun post. I say stock up! The 70's office looked like my Dad's. Love the library you featured.

  4. I had the same problem at Home Depot. I've been stocking up. Those eco lights are just dreadful. Yes, please...someone come up with a solution! Very clever post.:)


  5. You are halarious. I am with you on this subject. I bought frosted glass lantern fixtures for the outside of my home, since I do keep those lights on all of the time and so I used the cork screw bulbs and actually I can't tell you what year I put them in to tell you how long they have lasted. All other house bulbs are the kind that destroy our planet. You are going on my blog roll, thanks for having me on yours. Heidi

  6. hilarious!!!
    i have everything on dimmers.
    i am very light sensitive.
    i would be perfectly happy living by candle light.

  7. Amen Sister Girl, No way in hell! This a lazy, commerically motived, for the masses way of dealing with a problem. Like California debating outlawing wood burning fireplaces, all the while on every street, everyday, there are two or three gardener's blasting illegal gasoline powered leaf blowers. I'm heading to the store as we speak!

  8. Kathy, thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate your thinking about me...

    I NEED to tell you I LOVE this post! 100 percent agree. I will never change. My neighbors across the street have one of those 'curly' blubs in a lamp that shows in a window and, from our house, it looks like a crazy search light!

    Thanks again and happy new year! donna

  9. This was very entertaining, you have a knack for writing! I've always loved curls, just not all up in my light fixtures!! Have a great weekend ;)

  10. Totally with you - can't stand the new bulbs and actually my husband hates them even more than I. And yes, we have been stockpiling - obviously it's not a permanent solution but for now it's our answer to government regulated aesthetics!

  11. Thanks for sharing...
    Happy New Year!

  12. Gosh, hadn't thought about the chandeliers..uummmmm candles?
    Thank you so much for becoming a follower of I really appreciate it.
    You did make me smile and think with this post.

  13. Hi Kathy...totally funny post about a fairly serious issue.. wonder what the big time designers are doing about it...or what are the lighting designers suggesting...
    thanks for stopping by my blog...
    have a great Sunday night...


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