Monday, January 17, 2011

Vitreous White

Isn't this fabulous? It's a detail of the new art installation, "Folly", at the Jane Hartsook Gallery, NYC, by artist Beth Katleman. I stumbled across a review in last Thursday's New York Times.

Her installations and ceramic sculptures combine ornament with icons from popular culture.

Katleman combs flea markets in search of 1950's squeaky toys, corporate mascots, miniature buildings, cartoon characters, and dolls. She then casts these trinkets in clay, re-inventing them.

Katleman's piece is inspiration as well as art. Rather than a white or light-colored room with "pops" of color, I'm currently experimenting with bold colored walls mixed with patterns and "pops" of white.

I'm drawn to porcelain because of the way it suggests refinement and luxury.


                                                                    Currey and Co.

                                                                       Unica Home

These pendants are gorgeous. Note the gilt interior...


These tiles have limitless application possibilities.


                                                                     Heather Knight

I am particularly taken with these porcelain flower pods found on Etsy.

Beautiful when back-lit...


I'm not the biggest "vessel" sink fan, but I do admire the choice for this setting.

A little well placed porcelain in the every day...

                                                            William Wayne and Co.

...can make a BIG statement.

                                                                        West Elm


  1. The Beth Katleman installation is wonderful. The porcelain flowers are very sweet but I'm really digging those Heather Knight urchin tiles. Love them!

  2. This is truly an artistisk and different post.It is so so inspiering and opened my eyes to something new and beautiful. White porcelen. Thank you!

    Regards Malena :-)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. great looking, the use of white is timeless and in porcelain it is a perfect punctuation. This could be an amazing wallpaper don't you think? thank you for featuring it-something quite new. pgt

  5. Yes... a big statement indeed! (love that soup tureen) what a beautiful post!

  6. very cool. i've seen some of this (when visiting Ashville, NC) before and thought it amazing. great post!

  7. Hi, I've just come across your blog.
    What a great collection of vitreous white. I am now a follower.


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