Sunday, March 6, 2011

Can You Afford This Room?

It's a diorama. A box where all the contents are fixed against the wall and viewed through a portal.

Mostly, you look, and keep on going....

You can tell when a room is not used for anything but storage.

I don't know about you, but I do not have the square footage for a room like this...

Each room in your home should be inviting, and have a purpose. You should use and enjoy every inch of it.

Multiple seating areas bring options to your room, and a sense of closeness, no matter how large the space.

"Floating" your furniture, as opposed to "railroading", takes advantage of all your floor space and instills a sense of intimacy to your seating groups while leaving wall space for storage, art, accessories, etc..

A room that is functional as well as beautiful will be well used. This is particularly important in small homes.

The room below is not a diorama, and is not very big. It's a great example of a well designed, multi-purpose, living space, regardless of what you think of the decor. It's a living room, dining room, library, and bar. Many of the pieces of furniture can be moved to redefine the space depending on need or occasion. It's a well thought out "living" space.

Have you created a diorama in your home?

It's not difficult to fix. Take back the space that's just a box and make it something you will enjoy and use on a daily basis.

-love where you live-   k


  1. Oh Kathy this is so true ( I have a 1 bedroom plus den office), which I am currently working on just what you are talking about! Great images!

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!It is truly beautiful!

    Art by Karena

  2. I try not to waste any space at all (living in a small condo) so every room has a dual pupose!

  3. I have almost a violent reaction to rooms with a rug floating in the middle of the room without a single piece of furniture touching it. (Image #4). I love rooms with multiple seating areas. It's like a few rooms all in one.

  4. Love this post and so much what I want to accomplish in my living room!

  5. Kathy: You are preaching to the choir. All rooms should multitask. It is so funny you were loving the sofas in the Tony sale, but I've got one and it is going into my dining room. My dining room was a static space and now it provides a great seating, reading conversation space outside of the dining function. Nobody has that much space. I hope you enjoyed me quoting your comment on TD. You are so right. Brilliant Post!!

  6. damn girl.
    you had me going....
    the first images had me!
    i am so tired from work i am cross eyed.

    and in the end...
    and excellent post!

  7. First time visitor here,
    and I'm loving your posts so much,
    I'm now a follower.

    Love all those wonderful living room photos you shared:)

  8. Urban...I totally agree with you (image#4)...drives me crazy!
    DD...laughed in delight when I saw that you nabbed a sofa!!!
    Ann...welcome, and thanks for following!...k

  9. Great pointers. Using wall space with the book cases is great use of space. When you can't go out, go up. Heidi

  10. Totally agree as well!! Beautiful AND livable is the name of the game! They are most definitely NOT mutually exclusive as you show here in many beautiful examples. Especially love the last :-)

  11. Amazing combo of pics & words.

    Everything you said about furniture arrangement & space is true of decks, patios, terraces too.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


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