Friday, March 11, 2011

MY Dream Kitchen

Courtesy of March/April Lonny Magazine


  1. OMG - gorgeous!! I haven't had 2 seconds to even look at it yet - along with my new Elle Decor - help!! And I need a new computer - I'm thinking of getting the 27" iMac so I can see the online mags better!!

  2. Kathy,

    From one Virginia Beach-er to another, GREAT BLOG! Yours is the only one that has made me the teensiest homesick for VA Beach/Norfolk. Kidding aside, I did have some great memories growing up at the beach. During the summer I would get a job renting bikes on the boardwalk. Talk about a great way to meet people! I learned French in one summer after chatting and flirting with the hundreds of visiting French Canadians.

    Keep it up,

  3. That high gloss black with the raw wood handles IS pretty striking.

  4. I like the kitchen's color. I wouldn't mind having this in my kitchen. Cooking manly meals in a kitchen like this would be fun.


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