Monday, March 14, 2011

Orient Inspiration

An archipelago of 6,852 islands, Japan has been consistently inhabited since approximately 30,000 BC.

Her people are beautiful and diverse..

Architectural and design delights at every turn...

A study in contrasts, Japan is a visual wonder...

The above picture reminds me of one of my favorite movies...

The Sophia Coppola love poem to Japan and the city of Tokyo.

They could use a little love right about now...

If you would like to send out some love, and help with the tsunami relief, you can visit or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from your phone.


  1. Thank you for this beautiful post reminding us of a different Japan in the middle of all the destruction. I will find å way to donate from Norway.

  2. hello Kathy what a perfect post in the midst of all this sadness
    we are organising things here in Florence with the Red cross too
    fay x

  3. Thank you for this beautiful tribute and reminder. I love Lost in Translation.

    Just found your blog through MFAMB. I will be back. I'm a Kathy too, btw.

  4. What a lovely post. Already sent my donation, but another might be in order. Lost in Translation -- also one of my favorites. -Camille

  5. What a wonderful tribute to a culturally rich country with a long history and hopefully bright future.

  6. I Love Lost in Translation!
    Thank you for oriental inspirations...

  7. beautiful and sad...Great tribute, Kathy! Your posts are wonderful!

  8. Beautiful images.....wonderful to read comments and giving from all!

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  10. Kathy, the images you have posted are perfect in depicting the diversity of the Japanese aesthetic but with order, magic and beauty. The stair landing and the first portrait say all that and more. pgt

  11. hi Kathy,Ive awarded you the stylish bloggers award please see my blog 161 for details fay x

  12. Thanks Kathy for this inspired post. Beautifully done and like Gaye said the perfect combo. Living in earthquake land as I am, it's all the more disturbing. Lets hope things don't get worst for the those people.

  13. What an absolutely beautiful tribute to Japan! Modernity, classicism, simple beauty, wit ~ a study in contrasts.

    And it is just so wonderful to have a moment of quiet reflection about the positive aspects, amongst so much tragedy and sadness.


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