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finding a beautiful lamp in the recycle bin

No, not this delicious pair from lamp maestro Christopher Spitzmiller. That would be akin to winning the lottery. These fellas will set you back a cool $6490.00.    But I'm getting ahead of myself.  I get so many catalogs, and do not have the time to thumb thru most of them. Oftentimes I dump them straight into my recycle bin as I pass by with the day's mail. They never even make it into the house. That was the case the other day. I had just finished dropping a half dozen catalogs into the bin when something caught my eye... The Home Decorators catalog was on top and had flopped open. I noticed it right away.  You can see it on the table to the right. It looks very similar to many of my lamp fantasies. Christopher Spitzmiller Large Single Gourd $6130.00 pair Christopher Spitzmiller Ginger Jar in Delft Blue $6130.00 pair Bunny Williams has a few contenders thru her BeeLine concern. Marbelized  Red / Bla

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