Friday, February 28, 2014

Paging Violet Newstead...

9 to 5 ? I don't think so! It's been more like 24 / 7 around here. 
"Violet Newstead, please hold...Violet Newstead, please hold...Violet Newstead, please hold..."

A week in the life...

Newspaper sofa template

Will the chair fit?

Custom bench...waiting for stain and fabric

Kitchen C...getting started

Kitchen B...almost there

Living room: needs pop of pumpkin/tangerine chair...done

A quick lunch, in my car, with two friends.

Nursery: waiting on art and shelf installations...and a delivery.

Found some things at Home Goods.

Thursday morning rug hunt...

LOVE this one

How about this?

Approved!!! (baby not included)

On the other hand...

...this wallpaper, paint, and woven wood blinds combo were rejected.

Research inspiration...

...for this space

I've been so busy that I'm afraid I'll soon be channeling this Violet...

Of course she would say...

She's right, you know....
Carry on...

Happy Weekend!


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hey Porter...Hey Porter

Although it appears to have descended from royal thrones, the "porter" chair has humble origins.

Originating in medieval Europe, the porter chair was placed at the front door of a home for use by the gatekeeper servant. Designed to shield from the damp and cold that often seeped in, the servant would stay warm during long hours of duty at these large estates where the sound of a door knocker might not be heard.

Modern interpretations...

Cozy tea for two...perfect for keeping conversations private...

Comfortable and distraction free...Now get to work!

   A quiet place for reading...

We'll agree that this style of chair is not for everyone, but it's come a long way from it's working class origins. 


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Me Tender