Monday, January 31, 2011

The Forgotten Passage

Consider the hallway...because you probably haven't.
It's not just a means to an end, but rather an opportunity to take advantage of every square inch of square footage that you have.
 I can hear groaning out there right now from those of you in homes with hallways so narrow that you need a traffic light to avoid collisions.
Check out these Jack Sprats...

Dramatic lighting, color, and detail, make those narrow spaces big and bold.

Many of you are not "color" fans, or you rent, and are not allowed to paint.
Well, white can be with it...

For those of you lucky enough to have the space and liberty to do as you please, a hallway makes a terrific gallery for showcasing your art work and collections.

If your living room and den shelves are overflowing, why not add a library and storage to the hall?

Attention to the floors can pay off with dramatic results.

If you are building a home, don't forget to give your atriums and hallways a little architectural oomph...

Continuing a room into a hallway is a smart way to take advantage of space you already have.

A little daring-do, and you've got yourself a chic corridor...

Don't become so preoccupied with the destination that you forget the journey.


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Friday, January 28, 2011

Window Shopping

It's Friday! For some of you that means payday, and the urge to spend will be overwhelming.
Let's do a little online window shopping and see if we can't find something fun...

Areo Home

Marie Antoinette Bookends

Napoleon Plaque

Petite Tulipiere Vase

Posh Chicago

Vintage Turned Wood Finials
$18.00 - $24.00


Pagoda Tabletop Lanterns
$248.00 small
$400.00 large


Frack Mirror

Barnslig Ringdans Rug

Snodd Knob
$3.99 per two pack

Loviken Dual Control
Kitchen Faucet

Ballard Design

Etched Hurricane

The London Cushion Co.

Linen Union Jack

Not In Service


"Henry" Faucet
$1,050.00 - $2,200.00

Legion Style Vanity

Level Group Realtors

1860's Colonial on 20 private acres in New York State
8 bedrooms
6 bathrooms
numerous outbuildings
Koi pond w/gazebo
rose garden
borders the Hudson

2 hours north of NYC
10 Minutes south of Albany


Find anything?

Have a great weekend....k