Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fine Pony Stock In A World Full Of Stallions

I want a shed, about 10' x 12', with painted clapboard, cedar shake roof, crank windows, and french doors. Currently, I work out of my home, but dream of having my own little space in the backyard. There are so many options. You are more likely to find a laptop, easel, treadmill, or even a bathtub, than you are a lawnmower, in a shed today.

A shed can be much less expensive, and less intrusive, than an addition to the house. There is the added benefit of "escaping the house" without traveling more than a few yards.

I stopped by Lowes to check out their selection:

They were surprisingly nice, with many options available.

You can build it yourself, or for an average of about $800.00, Lowes will build it for you.

Whether you favor traditional, country, shabby chic or contemporary style, an eco ethos or reclaimed materials, the design possibilities for your shed are endless. There is a shed to suit all members of the family.

For those of you that live on the water, you can now work there too....

An artist's studio:

The Fantasy:

The Grey Poupons:

The perfect solution to the demands of modern life: