Friday, February 20, 2015

ok...I styled it

Do you ever take a "mental health" day? I'm taking one today. It's just too cold here on the "riviera" to  head outside. I've been enjoying that second cup of tea while taking a Friday morning blog stroll. I stopped by one of my favorite spots, La Dolfina, a decorating and lifestyle blog, originating from California, and authored by the stylish Therese Long. (Check out her etsy shop too, she has fabulous things.)
Today La Dolfina,  and several other bloggers, are showcasing their own coffee tables that they have styled. Some are professional decorators, while others are design obsessed bloggers. If you want to find out more, head over to her site, (address below) check out her table, and get directions to the other participant's blogs.  

Disclaimer: I did not "style" my coffee table. This is how it always is. It's not fabulous or anything, but it works for me.

Everything on the table means something to me. Nothing was expensive. 
My favorite British mags, insulator collection, found antler and coral, capture my style, or lack of it.

This pretty old box holds the fireplace matches.

The table is large and square and you can see the rug through it. It has plenty of room for drinks,  food, and feet.... yes, feet....USE your table.

Above is my favorite bouquet. (oyster shell ball) I love it because it represents where I live (beach/bay community) and more importantly, you don't have to water it.

 *If there was a thought bubble over my dog's head: "you're an idiot". 

Have a great weekend!