Get Boxed In

With the onset of cooler weather, I have turned my attention back to the outside. 
Many of my plants and trees have started to drop their leaves. I like to have some year-round green, so I have done what many gardeners do, invested in boxwood. 
Boxwood are beautiful, versatile, and elegant. They can thrive in sun and shade, in the ground, or containers and pots, and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

The beautiful gardens below have a common thread: boxwood

Boxwoods can be used in most plant zones, from coast to coast and suburb to city.

I especially love what they can do for a front door.

Boxwood in pots can make quite a statement.

Just look what boxwoods did for two not-so-very grand abodes...

I love a border of boxwood.

It really adds character and depth to the house below...

I've started putting them in pots and containers around my house, and intend on putting more in the ground in the coming weeks.

You do not have to spend a fortune. One gallon English boxwood at my favorite local nursery are only $8.00. They do not require much care. Boxwood are moderate growers, so you do not have to prune them too often.
If you would like to learn more about boxwood, you can visit The American Boxwood Society website , or Saunders Brothers Nursery,, a Virginia concern that has a fabulous boxwood guide flip-book on their website that will answer most questions. 

Fall is the perfect time to plant. You'll have "green" all winter (the clippings are perfect for Christmas wreaths and arrangements) and a gorgeous spring garden. 

Have a great weekend!   K


  1. Beautiful! I need 2 for my front porch..Where do you suggest buying them? Your faithful follower, Nancy

  2. lovely post. I love boxwoods.

    so glad to see you back.....

  3. Kathy, Man oh man, when you return you really return. This post is amazing, so much research and time. So where is your house in all this boxwood dreaming? By the way did you keep the mimosa tree? Thanks for the dropping by Hf,K.

  4. Kevin....Thanks....Mine is the last three shots before the boxwood clippings pic at the very end of post. And yes, I kept the mimosa....It's just too beautiful....but regularly pull up any seedlings that drop. LOVE the Warren Beatty pic BTW...K

  5. Nancy.....McDonalds or Winesett.....K

  6. oh yes - love any type of boxwood myself - my favorite shrub!

  7. love love love this post. boxwoods are my ab fab favorite. thanks for dropping by and glad to know i'm not alone in my undying love for Rupert!


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